( Patched ) War Robots – Best Way to Farm Gold FAST!

War Robots Gold Generator Here!

[WR] Walking War Robots – Best Way to Farm Gold FAST!

Hello,back with another video. I hope you liked it!

In this video, I reveal my farming strategy in a tutorial style video. Throughout the video, I demonstrate how effective this is in two matches, both in which I earn 10 gold. Its so effective because of the lack of competition. Since your going against low level players that are not experienced, you can easily be the most dominant person in the match, just with have Schutzs with Ec thunders on them. If you were to play 10 matches with this strategy, With each match rewarding you with 10 gold, You would’ve farmed 100 gold!

Schutze Stats: (For Farming Gold)
Health Points: 48k
Speed: 53 km/h
Cost: 37K Ag
Category: light

Ec Thunder Stats: (For Farming Gold)
Cost: 580k Ag
Damage: 8400 damage (per shot)
Reload time: 10 sec (Reloads while Firing)
Range: 500m (Effective at 200m)

Music used:
Tobu – Infectious (Original Mix)

Alex Skrindo – Jumbo [NCS Release]

RetroVistion – Puzzle [NCS Release]

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War Robots Gold Generator Here!